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April 22, 2018   Jules   Events/Appearances Be first to comment

The cast of the classic film reunited at the Tribeca Film Festival—and watched as a moderator asked Pfeiffer about her weight in the movie, drawing boos from the audience. Read More here

April 13, 2018   Jules   'Where Is Kyra?' Be first to comment

Nobody shoots New York like Andrew Dosunmu. Though born in Lagos, Nigeria, the photographer-turned-filmmaker has become, over the course of his last three features, one of the city’s most idiosyncratic and essential chroniclers — peering into corners rarely seen, through a visual style that brings both mystery and beauty to his subjects. In Restless City (2011), a Senegalese immigrant with dreams of becoming a musician fell in love with a sex worker and infuriated his smuggler-pimp boss — but the film was shot with a dreamy grandeur that elevated the broad-strokes story to the level of myth. In the domestic drama Mother of George (2013), the eye-poppingly colorful clothes and decor of Brooklyn’s Yoruba community conveyed a sense of both community and, gradually, otherworldly entrapment. Dosunmu’s latest, Where Is Kyra?, doesn’t necessarily have the surface vibrancy of Mother of George, but it’s just as visually sophisticated — a stylized, nightmarish portrait of poverty and aging in New York, with a career-best performance from Michelle Pfeiffer. (Read my review here.) I recently spoke to Dosunmu about his work, his approach to image and sound, and where he finds his inspirations. Read More here

April 13, 2018   Jules   'Where Is Kyra?' Be first to comment

Actor turns this story of a woman desperately trying to avoid losing everything into something humanistic and heartbreaking. Read More here

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I am going on holiday shortly therefore there will be no site updates until the middle of April.

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Check the website for times and further details
Murder on the Orient Express – 14 Apr @ The Montalban 1615 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028 // X
Grease 2 – Jul 06 / Indianapolis Summer Nights Film Series // X

April 1, 2018   Jules   screenings Be first to comment

Murder on the Orient Express – Aug 03 @ 6:15pm – Opera Holland Park // X

March 21, 2018   Jules   Events/Appearances Be first to comment

Scarface, Schindler’s List, and In the Soup will all be honored at anniversary screenings at this year’s festival. Check out what else is in store…

Scarface – 35th Anniversary, Sponsored by Kia
Scarface, Brian De Palma’s blazing modernization of Howard Hawks’ 1932 classic, is an electrifying consideration of the humanizing motives of evil men. It went on to receive three Golden Globe nominations and became one of the most referenced and revered films in pop culture. Al Pacino delivers his riskiest performance in a career-defining role, garnering a cult following for the film. Revisit the gangland masterpiece thirty-five years later, a rich, harrowing, eminently quotable ride to excess and self-destruction that laid the groundwork for all the anti-hero stories to come. A Universal Pictures release.
After the Screening: a conversation with director Brian De Palma and actors Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer.
DATE: Thursday, April 19th
TIME: 7:00 PM
LOCATION: Beacon Theatre

Read More: here

March 3, 2018   Jules   Gallery Additions Be first to comment

Screencaps added to the Gallery from the following. Icons added to the Media section.

* A Thousand Acres
* Grease 2