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February 21, 2018   Jules   Gallery Additions Be first to comment

Screencaps added to the Gallery / Icons to the Media section.

* One Fine Day

February 17, 2018   Jules   'Where Is Kyra?' Be first to comment

Michelle Pfeiffer’s renaissance is in full swing. After making her comeback last year as the house guest from hell in Darren Aronofsky’s wildly divisive Mother!, the actress is stepping into yet another gut-wrenching role. This time, Pfeiffer is less in command as her life spirals out of control in Where Is Kyra?, an upcoming drama from Nigerian filmmaker Andrew Dosunmu, best known for 2013’s Mother of George and 2011’s Restless City. In the first look at the film, Pfeiffer delivers a heart-stopping performance as the enigmatic lead, struggling to make ends meet through any means necessary. Read More here

February 17, 2018   Jules   'Where Is Kyra?' Be first to comment

Pfeiffer gives a face to the disenfranchised in the drama from director Andrew Dosunmu; see the first trailer here. Read More here

January 27, 2018   Jules   'Ant-Man And The Wasp' Be first to comment

Marvel usually has the casting on lockdown, but Phase 3 has proven to be a feast of riches when it comes to talent. The casts of Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther have long been celebrated, but Ant-Man and the Wasp has flown a bit more under the radar, despite having a great cast of its own. Not only are the majority of the cast from the previous film all back, but Michelle Pfeiffer is also on board. Having her on set turned out to be great for Paul Rudd, who was thrilled to get to act with her and Michael Douglas. Read More here