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Despite existing in two very different genres, Patrick Wilson, who stars as Arthur Curry’s half-brother King Orm in Aquaman, compared the fish-out-of-water DC movie to two of director James Wan’s previous franchises: The Conjuring and Insidious. This will be the third film franchise that Wilson has worked on with Wan, and the actor was able […]

Dec 08, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Conjuring' series

A few months back, we passed along the awesome news that Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga will not only be returning in director Michael Chaves’ third entry in the official The Conjuring series with The Conjuring 3, but we also heard word that the two thespians will be lending their talents to writer-director Gary Dauberman’s […]

Sep 15, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Conjuring' series

After this past weekend and the box office performance of The Nun, The Conjuring Universe is at a point where it’s stronger than it’s ever been as a franchise. Big lines are forming for the new releases, and while the reaction to the latest installment has not been as positive as previous titles, there is […]

Sep 15, 18   Jules   0 Comment 'Conjuring' series

Every single film in The Conjuring‘s cinematic universe has been a smash hit at the box office thus far, with The Nun exceeding expectations this past weekend to amass the franchise’s biggest opening weekend to date. What’s next? Annabelle 3 is in the works, a Crooked Man spinoff is also being developed, and yes, we’re […]