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September 15, 2018   Jules   'Conjuring' series Be first to comment

Every single film in The Conjuring‘s cinematic universe has been a smash hit at the box office thus far, with The Nun exceeding expectations this past weekend to amass the franchise’s biggest opening weekend to date. What’s next? Annabelle 3 is in the works, a Crooked Man spinoff is also being developed, and yes, we’re soon getting The Conjuring 3. Read More here

August 8, 2018   Jules   ‘Midway’ Be first to comment

Patrick Wilson is coming aboard Midway, the WWII action film directed by Roland Emmerich. Wilson will play Edwin Layton, the rear admiral in the U.S. Navy who was a key intelligence officer during WWII. Woody Harrelson and Mandy Moore were already set at the time that AGC International, the international sales and distribution division of Stuart Ford’s AGC Studios, brokered most of the overseas territorial deals on the film. Read More here

August 8, 2018   Jules   ‘In The Tall Grass’ Be first to comment

The Vincenzo Natali-directed thriller In The Tall Grass is getting underway in Toronto for Netfix, and the film stars Patrick Wilson, Laysla De Oliveira and Harrison Gilbertson. Pic is based on a short story by Stephen King and son Joe Hill that was published in Esquire Magazine. Netflix acquired the underlying short story rights some time ago, when James Marsden was originally attached. Scheduling conflicts knocked him out of the lead role. Read More here

July 25, 2018   Jules   'Aquaman' Be first to comment

These brothers are not two of a kind. At Comic-Con 2018 in San Diego, Patrick Wilson tells Access about the purposeful choice to make his character, King Orm, look so drastically different from the title superhero. Plus, Patrick teases the motivation behind Orm’s intent to wage war above the surface. “Aquaman” hits theaters on Dec. 21. Read more here

July 21, 2018   Jules   'Annabelle 3' Be first to comment

We already knew that a third Conjuring spin-off featuring the demonic doll Annabelle was in the works. Thanks to producer James Wan and writer/director Gary Dauberman, we now know more about what it’ll entail. Unlike the first Annabelle sequel, which went further back in time to explore the doll’s early days, the new one finds the Warrens (Patrick Wilson’s Ed and Vera Farmiga’s Lorraine) locking the terrifying toy away in their house, where she supposedly can’t cause further havoc. At least, that’s the plan… Read More here

July 17, 2018   Jules   'Aquaman' Be first to comment

The first poster for Aquaman has finally arrived. The one-sheet shows Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry/Aquaman in his element (that is, underwater). Aquaman stars Jason Momoa as the titular hero, with the actor reprising his role from Justice League. The film also stars Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. Read More here