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June 23, 2018   Jules   ‘The Looming Tower’ Be first to comment

On “The Looming Tower,” Hulu’s miniseries adaptation of the Pulitzer–winning book of the same name that highlights the behind-the-scenes CIA and FBI tensions that led up to 9/11, Peter Sarsgaard plays the fictionalized (but inspired-by-true figures) Martin Schmidt. Schmidt leads the CIA counterterrorism department, and as we soon learn in the series, he’s withholding information from his FBI counterparts, including John O’Neill (Jeff Daniels). For Sarsgaard (now an Emmy prospect for the limited series), effective acting is about embracing and honoring those at-times questionable points of view. Read More here

June 23, 2018   Jules   'Wormwood' Be first to comment

Peter Sarsgaard is a strong contender for an Emmy nomination for Best Movie/Mini Supporting Actor this year for playing arrogant CIA agent Martin Schmidt in Hulu’s fact-based limited series “The Looming Tower.” And this one-time Golden Globe nominee could also contend for Best Movie/Mini Actor for his role in another true story: Netflix’s “Wormwood.” But his candidacy there is unique because “Wormwood” is actually a documentary. “Wormwood” is helmed by filmmaker Errol Morris, who is best known for his nonfiction films including “Gates of Heaven” (1978), “The Thin Blue Line” (1988), “Mr. Death” (1999) and “The Fog of War” (2003), the last of which won him the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature. In “Wormwood” he investigates the mysterious death of Frank Olson, an Army scientist who died in 1953 in what may have been a CIA-ordered assassination. Read More here

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June 18, 2018   Jules   ‘The Looming Tower’ Be first to comment

Hulu’s hard-hitting series shows how 9/11 could have been avoided, had the FBI and the CIA been willing to cooperate. “No one has been held accountable and no one ever will be,” said Wright.