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Why The Movie Stand By Me 100% Holds Up Today

The movie Stand By Me is one of those great throwbacks to a time when movies were just different than they usually are today. In addition, it was a movie that seemed to handle all of the angst that was involved with growing up and attempting to develop one’s own personality while simultaneously trying not to go against one’s own culture or code. Regardless of how old the movie gets, this fact alone means that it is timeless. Read More: // here

The top 20 underappreciated films of 1986

From thrillers to sci-fi to horror, here’s our pick of 20 films from 1986 that surely deserve a bit more love…
7. The Mosquito Coast: The mid-80s saw Harrison Ford strike out in some more dramatic roles that didn’t, to paraphrase something he once said himself, “involve running around, gun in hand”. He plays an idealistic inventor who, having grown weary of materialistic western society, leads his family off for a new life in Central America. Despite the father’s ingenuity when it comes to making machines out of scrap, the reality of living in the jungle proves to be less Swiss Family Robinson and more Apocalypse Now. Ford is brilliant in an unusually unsympathetic role, and he’s supported by Helen Mirren as his longsuffering wife and River Phoenix as his increasingly fractious son. Written by Paul Schrader and Peter Weir, The Mosquito Coast didn’t do well at the box-office, despite its magnificent pedigree. It’s one of those great dramas that, at the time, managed to slip through the net. Read More: // here


‘The Thing Called Love’ (1993) — Starring River Phoenix, Samantha Mathis, and Dermot Mulroney. A group of newcomers to the country music business seek love and stardom. Continue @

Tim Robey recommends… Sneakers (1992)

In his weekly column, Tim Robey recommends a film that is indisputably worth two hours of your time. This week: the crisp and comic techno-caper Sneakers. Keep reading