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There will be fewer updates over the next month as it is the Rugby League World Cup and some of my weekend will be spent at games! News will be updated on a regular basis and I do have lots to add to the galleries through Dec and the holiday period. (Come on England!)

Dark Blood movie clip

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River Phoenix’s Life in Photos

Today, Last Night at the Viper Room: River Phoenix and the Hollywood He Left Behind hits book stores. The book was written by Rolling Stone contributor Gavin Edwards, and gives new insights into the young actor’s life, the club scene that catered to so much of the young Hollywood talent and, of course, Phoenix’s career — including time spent on one of the most iconic films of the Eighties, Stand by Me, and of the film that would be both his crowning achievement and his personal downfall, My Own Private Idaho. Check out these photos of his life in film and family. Read more @

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After nearly two decades, George Sluizer’s thriller DARK BLOOD has finally been completed and will have its Los Angeles Premiere at our very own Aero Theatre on Tuesday, October 29th. This is an added event that was not previously on our print calendar. The film stars the late River Phoenix as Boy, a damaged young widower with Native American roots living in the desert when a married couple with car trouble enter his life – and find he’s in no hurry to return them to civilization. Continue @

The book ‘Last Night at the Viper Room’ tells of River Phoenix’s life before it was cut short at 22

‘Last Night at the Viper Room’ by Gavin Edwards reveals how River Phoenix, the Oscar-nominated star of ‘Stand by Me,’ was planning on quitting the film industry and had a tremendous heroin problem before he died at the age of 22 from a Drug overdose. Keep reading @

Food Truck Rally to benefit River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding

At the end of every month, CYMplify — a coffee shop and performance venue in northwest Gainesville — chooses a nonprofit organization to highlight. On Friday, the free event will benefit The River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding. Named after the late film actor, musician and activist River Phoenix, the center offers training, workshops and educational events that help people understand that while conflict may be inevitable, violence isn’t, said Heart Phoenix, River’s mother and board president of the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding. Continue reading @

Gallery Additions – My Own Private Idaho

Added screencaps to the Gallery from My Own Private Idaho

Tim Robey recommends… Sneakers (1992)

In his weekly column, Tim Robey recommends a film that is indisputably worth two hours of your time. This week: the crisp and comic techno-caper Sneakers. Keep reading


The gallery is now back online! Lots more images and magazine scans to come!