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Jules   Aug 24, 2016   Stand By Me

Cherry is easily still the best Pez flavor… 30 years later. One of Hollywood’s greatest coming-of-age films to date, Rob Reiner’s “Stand by Me,” won the hearts of audiences worldwide from the moment it was released in 1986. Based on Stephen King’s short story, “The Body,” the movie follows four, young best friends all on a quest to find a corpse. The flick, released across the globe on Aug. 22, was a surprise smash and launched the careers of Corey Feldman, Jerry O’Connell, the late River Phoenix and Will Wheaton. In honor of the film’s 30th birthday, here are 10 little known facts about “Stand by Me:” Read More: // here

Jules   Aug 24, 2016   Stand By Me

Long before ‘Stranger Things,’ Rob Reiner’s 1986 film of author’s novella combined youth, nostalgia and corpses for a landmark coming-of-age story Read More: // here

Jules   Aug 24, 2016   Stand By Me

We may not all be able to live off cherry-flavored Pez or agree that Goofy is a dog (He is, Vern. He is.), but one thing’s for sure — it’s hard not to feel a twinge of nostalgia for Stand by Me as the cast celebrates its 30th anniversary today. The beloved coming-of-age tale revolves around a writer (Richard Dreyfuss) recalling a childhood journey taken in rural Oregon in 1959, when he and three other 12-year-old friends went searching for the body of a missing boy around their age who was hit and killed by a train near their homes, an adventure that eventually defines their lives. Read More: // here

Jules   Aug 24, 2016   Stand By Me

The movie captured the timelessness of friendship and morbid curiosity. Read More: // here

Jules   Aug 23, 2016   Article

on this day.

Famous birthdays Aug. 23
Actor River Phoenix — eldest brother to Rain, Joaquin, Liberty, and Summer — was born on this date in 1970. For more click here

Jules   Aug 21, 2016   Article, Stand By Me

Rob Reiner’s STAND BY ME turns 30 this month, and if you’ve been watching Netflix’s Stranger Things, there’s a good chance you’ve been feeling nostalgic for some of the classics of the 1980’s. While many films of the 1970’s focused on bringing a realism to the supernatural and extreme, the 1980’s often brought a sense of wonder and gravity to simple and everyday subject matter. STAND BY ME features a low-stakes plot, loosely connected scenes, and an anti-climactic ending and yet feels universally significant and remains one of the great coming of age stories in cinema. Here’s why it works: Read More: // here

Jules   Aug 19, 2016   Stand By Me

Thirty years ago, director Rob Reiner’s coming-of-age classic Stand by Me hit theaters and got the eponymous Ben E. King song stuck in everyone’s head for the rest of time. Richard Dreyfuss narrates this film adaptation of Stephen King’s novella The Body looking back on the summer when he and his best friends set off to look for the body of a fellow 12-year-old who had reportedly been struck by a train. Read More: // here

Jules   Aug 19, 2016   Stand By Me

Corey Feldman, Wil Wheaton and Jerry O’Connell tell TheWrap about fun — sometimes illegal — times with late actor Read More: // here

Jules   Aug 19, 2016   Stand By Me

Rob Reiner and Cast on River Phoenix and How Coming-of-Age Classic Almost Didn’t Happen
It’s been three decades since “Stand By Me” became the little drama that could, catapulting River Phoenix to stardom, establishing Rob Reiner as a director on the rise, and racking up big ticket sales on a paltry budget. The story of four friends from small town in Oregon, hiking into the countryside in search of the body of a boy who has been hit and killed by a train, is an unlikely coming-of-age tale. Yet in Reiner’s sensitive hands, it becomes a meditation on mortality — one that transcends its 1950s setting to have a universal appeal. Read More: // here

Jules   Jul 24, 2016   Stand By Me

Animated-film director Don Bluth (“All Dogs Go to Heaven,” “An American Tail”) once said about the power of movies: “There’s a transformation that happens when people go into a theater. They sit in a dark room and the lights and sounds change the way they see things. It’s like alchemy.” These transformative properties have lingered in Brownsville for 30 years, with swarms of tourists visiting each year to see the town where in 1985 Rob Reiner shot the iconic movie “Stand by Me.” And there is no sign of the spell wearing off. Read More: // here