Posted by Jules on June 29th, 2019

As Miles Teller continues to rev his engine while starring opposite Tom Cruise in TOP GUN: MAVERICK, the highly-anticipated sequel to director Tony Scott’s 1986 classic TOP GUN, the WHIPLASH and FANTASTIC FOUR actor has recently admitted that it’s difficult keeping up with the smiley couch-jumper on set. After all, everyone knows that Cruise is a powder keg of energy, now imagine if you were meant to shadow him as he oversees several aspects of a franchise that helped place him on the Hollywood map. Personally, I know that my out-of-shape ass would be sucking wind next to Cruise’s boundless passion for silver screen perfection. So Miles, I feel you, brother. And I commend your efforts for even trying to keep up. Continue here


Top Gun: Maverick (filming) / X
Luna Park (announced) / X
Mission: Impossible 7 (announced) / X
Mission: Impossible 8 (announced) / X
Live Die Repeat and Repeat (pre-production) / X
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screenings – usa

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Jul 17 @ 20:30 – Edge of Tomorrow (Parklife, 636 Degraw Street, Brooklyn, New York 11217) // X

screenings – uk

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Jul 17 @ 20:00 – Cocktail (Rivoli Ballroom, London) / X
Jul 17 @ 19:00 – The Outsiders (Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham, B12 9QH) / X
Aug 25 @ 15:00 – Magnolia (Picturehouse West End) // X
Sep 01 @ 18:00 – Magnolia (Fact, Liverpool) // X
Sep 28 @ 20:45 – Sci Fi Action Marathon (feat. Edge of Tomorrow) (Prince Charles Cinema, London) // X

screenings… Top Gun

Check websites to confirm details / times and for ticket info
Aug 13 @ 19:30 @ Brighton Beach, Brighton / X
Sep 20 @ 19:30 – Top Gun (Brownsea Island, Bournemouth) / X

Jul 17 @ 20:30 – Top Gun (SkyLawn at Embassy Suites) // X

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