Posted by Jules on June 11th, 2019

Nowadays Tom Cruise is mostly known as an action star who’s accepted so many impossible missions, the stunt coordinators need to figure out how to top themselves on a more frequent basis. But Cruise hasn’t always been the total man of action that the world sees him as. In fact, on either side of landing the role of Ethan Hunt in the Mission: Impossible franchise, the actor has made quite a few films that showcased other acting muscles that were always present. Read More here

Posted by Jules on June 5th, 2019

The Mission: Impossible franchise is one of the greatest action movie series of all-time. What started out as a fun spy thriller has continued to grow over the years, delivering increasingly insane stunts and Cruise’s most iconic role as Ethan Hunt. And while the set pieces tend to steal the show, the series has some great lines, most of them coming from Cruise.

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Top Gun: Maverick (filming) / X
Luna Park (announced) / X
Mission: Impossible 7 (announced) / X
Mission: Impossible 8 (announced) / X
Live Die Repeat and Repeat (pre-production) / X
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screenings – usa

Jul 17 @ 20:30 – Edge of Tomorrow (Parklife, 636 Degraw Street, Brooklyn, New York 11217) // X

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Jun 09 @ 21:00 – The Outsiders (Roof East, 45a Broadway, London E15 1XD) // X
Jun 18 @ 20:05 – Eyes Wide Shut (Centre for the Moving Image, 88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH3 9BZ) // X
Jul 17 @ 20:00 – Cocktail (Rivoli Ballroom, London) / X

Prince Charles Cinema – London


screenings… Top Gun

Jun 06 @ 21:00 – Top Gun (Roof East, 45a Broadway, London E15 1XD) // X
Jun 09 @ 20:30 @ Ickworth, Horringer / X
Jun 11 @ 21:15 / Doors 19:45 @ Anglesey Abbey / x
Jun 20 @ 21:30 / Doors 20:00 @ Marble Hill / x
Jun 27 @ 21:00 – Top Gun (Bussey Building, 133 Rye Ln, London, SE15 4ST) // X
Aug 13 @ 19:30 @ Brighton Beach, Brighton / X

Jun 21 @ 12:20am – Top Gun (NitehawkCinema 136 Metropolitan Ave. Brooklyn, NY) // X
Jun 22 @ 12:20am – Top Gun (NitehawkCinema 136 Metropolitan Ave. Brooklyn, NY) // X
Jun 27 @ 20:30 – Top Gun (Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego) // X
Jul 01 @ Top Gun (Sie Contact Info 2510 East Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80206) / X
Jul 17 @ 20:30 – Top Gun (SkyLawn at Embassy Suites) // X

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