The main aim of this website is to document the career of Tom through the following.

1. Career section including full career details such as filmography, television appearances including chat shows and guest appearances, voicework (including narration, radio appearances and audiobooks), stage work, appearances in specials and documentaries.
2. Gallery including DVD Captures, Bonus Features, Wallpaper & Television Appearances
3. Media featuring icons and trailers
4. Press section featuring online interviews, releveant video interviews (compiled via youtube), articles and magazine archive in the gallery with scans from my personal collection

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Who Am I?
My name is Jules. I am over 40 years of age and come from Merseyside, England
Maintaining these website is my hobby. I work full-time and these provide a way of relaxation. I enjoy researching the career, and generally updating the websites. I also enjoy talking to other fans as I find it is a good way of gaining more information and knowledge. My other main interest is sport, (spectating not competing!) with Rugby League being my main passion. I also enjoy reading and watching films/tv

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December 2017


Top Gun: Maverick (filming) / X
Luna Park (announced) / X
Mission: Impossible 7 (announced) / X
Mission: Impossible 8 (announced) / X
Last Updated: 20/01/2019

screenings – usa

Mar 30 @ 23:59 – Mission Impossible Fallout (The Vista Theatre, 4473 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles) / more

screenings – uk

Mar 13 @ 20:55 – The Colour of Money (Prince Charles Cinema) // X
Apr 07 @ 17:20 – Eyes Wide Shut (BFI London / NFT3) / x
Apr 22 @ 17:10 – Eyes Wide Shut (BFI London / NFT1) / x
May 02 @ 20:00 – Magnolia (Prince Charles Cinema, London) / X
May 04 @ 21:00 – Mission Impossible III (Prince Charles Cinema) // X
Jul 17 @ 20:00 – Cocktail (Rivoli Ballroom, London) / X

Prince Charles Cinema – London


screenings… australia

Apr 11 @ 19:30 – The Lost Boys / Interview with the Vampire (Astor, Corner Chapel Street & Dandenong Road, St Kilda, Melbourne) / x

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