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The Kill Bill actor told the New York Times of encounter in London. Read More here

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Thanks to “Pulp Fiction,” we already knew that Uma Thurman can dance. But the Boston-born actress has been blossoming during her Broadway debut. Thurman has been working like a maniac since November, performing eight shows a week at New York’s Hudson Theatre. And during each 90-minute performance, she’s onstage the entire time. Source:

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In 1885, all Paris was talking about Henry Becque’s scandalous new play, La Parisienne, which focused on a heroine whose morals were frankly a matter of political and personal convenience. Parisians quickly saw that Becque’s work contained more than mere scandal: the Comédie-Française, France’s national theater, took it up in 1890; by 1893 it was also a repertory staple for Réjane, Sarah Bernhardt’s leading rival as Paris’s superstar stage diva, who brought it to New York in 1904. In those days, it was news even to blasé Paris audiences that a “respectable” married woman could use her charms so blatantly to leverage her husband’s way to power. Read More here

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‘The War With Grandpa,’ ‘Mary Magdalene’ and ‘The Upside’ were all pulled from the schedule. Read More here