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November 11, 2018

You might be missing films like Real Genius, Heat, and even The Island of Dr. Moreau on this list, but one thing you can be guaranteed of is that they would make a top ten list of Val Kilmer’s best, but those in the top five are films where he really got to shine and show what he could do in the prime of his career. At one point Kilmer was THE go-to guy for someone that could transform themselves into the role they were playing. As the years have gone on he’s done more movies that go straight to DVD and less blockbuster films that showcase his greatness. But back in the day Kilmer was someone that seemed like he might reach legendary status rather quickly. While he’s still someone that people want to see his older movies are the real gems of his career. While a comeback isn’t without its merit, he would definitely need to start making it sometime soon. A lot of people are hoping that this might be in the works. Here are some of the best movies of his career. Read More here

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