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February 11, 2018   Jules   'Riptide' Be first to comment

Mira Sorvino, Val Kilmer, Michael Chiklis and Clifton Collins Jr., will star in “Riptide,” from producer Sam Khoze and LA Independent Film and Entertainment. Shaun Hart is directing “Riptide” from his own script with Jonathan Meyers about the sons of a biker drug trafficker who hold opposing views of their father’s professions. When the father’s operation is raided, the younger tries to keep the business alive, while the older understands the threat from the cartel. Producers are Justin Steele and Natalie Kline and Hart’s business partner Tomik Mansoori. “Riptide” is the second film collaboration between LA Independent Film and Entertainment and Kilmer, who starred in the comedy “1st Born” last year. Filming will start early this summer. Read More here

February 4, 2018   Jules   'Citizen Twain', event/appearance Be first to comment

Actor, writer and director, Val Kilmer, known for his roles in “Top Gun” and “The Doors,” will appear at Richmond Funny Bone on Thursday, Feb. 22 to introduce the film “Cinema Twain” — which is a recording of his one-man play about Mark Twain (“Citizen Twain”). Read More here

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